Imagine a world where everyone has the skills they need to thrive. Skills like empathy, resilience and compassion. But without these skills, too many of our children and young people are suffering.

​​​​​Today, 1 in 4 of our teenagers are suffering a mental illness, and 1 in 7 of our children between the ages of 6 and 12 are experiencing the same problems. Youth psychological distress has tripled in numbers over the past decade, and youth suicide rates are at a ten year high.

Together, we can change this future for our children and young people.

At Smiling Mind, we believe that every child has the right to thrive in life, and your support makes that possible.

Smiling Mind is helping make our children and future generations happier and healthier through the regular practice of mindfulness. By embedding mindfulness into schools, we can help educators, parents and communities teach our children these critical skills to empower good mental health, and prevent mental illness.

Our goal is to reach 5 million children and young people by 2021 – and you can help us achieve it! Donate today to help us reach more children, teachers, parents and schools with our mindfulness program.

Together, we can create a world where every mind can thrive.

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Donate $27 today to give one child a Mindfulness Journal.

Help provide one student with a Mindfulness Journal as a practical tool to inspire them to cultivate their own practice of mindfulness, and encourage them to reflect and debrief on their own daily experiences through the act of journaling. 

Donate $60 today to give one year level a Mindfulness Curriculum.

Give a whole year level the gift of a Mindfulness Curriculum, our evidence-based framework and practical resource to support educators in bringing mindfulness into their classrooms. It is based around 20 topics which have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum and supports students at primary school.

Donate $149 today to give one teacher Mindfulness Training.

We know that every teacher within the school community can benefit from learning more about mindfulness and our online training can support the opportunity for teachers to explore mindfulness for their own wellbeing as well as understand how to introduce mindfulness to their students.